Woodrage Paddles
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Finished Wood:

Maintenance of a wood spanking paddle is pretty basic. Just use a mild soap and water to wipe down the paddle. If need be you can use a very mild furniture cleaner on the wood. For the most part a damp cloth will suffice.

Oiled Wood (Hand Rubbed):

A spanking paddle that is oiled will need special care at times to preserve the look and feel of the wood. The good thing is that the more an oiled spanking paddle is maintained, the better it will look over time. All you will need to do is oil the paddle with a mineral oil aka breadboard finish.

Unfinished spanking paddle:

A spanking paddle that has no finish or oil will need little care if any. Any water on the wood could damage the paddle, so all that is recommended is to simply wipe it down with a damp cloth from time to time.

Polycarbonate spanking paddle (Plastic):

Plastic paddles are pretty easy to care for. Periodically wipe them down with a mild soap and water mixture being careful not to scratch the outer layer of the polycarbonate. This type of paddle is pretty hardy and can take a lot of abuse.


Leather spanking paddles need to be taken care of like any leather object. Clean with a leather cleaner if available otherwise any soap that is safe for your face, is safe for leather. Some leathers absorb water and can become stiff over time. (Suede's and some Nubuk leathers) Most spanking paddle leather is furniture grade quality and is sealed very well.
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