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Hi I just wanted to thank you or should I say my wife. I got the hair brush spanking paddle from you she said it stung but felt so good on her back side it warm it up fast, so just wanted to say great product .
thanks! ~ Robert
Just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did in making my ash "custom" flat baseball bat spanking paddle. You are a good merchant, because you under-promise and over-deliver. I recommend you to all my friends who are interested. ~ Steve
I dont know if you got my email that I sent a while back, but wanted to let you know that my friend, Mistress Aiyanna, who you made a custom spanking paddle for about two months ago, was extremely pleased. She had tears in her eyes as she examined it and told me she will get a great deal of use out of the paddle. Thanks for a job well done. ~ Dan
The paddle arrived, It's perfect! thanks so much! I will keep you updated as the pilot progresses.
~ Jessica
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Custom spanking paddles handcrafted by a professional woodworking artisan.
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Welcome to Woodrage Paddles, the internet's #1 source for quality Spanking paddles since 1999.

We work hard to show our customers respect as healthy, intelligent, and adventurous people. Whether you're a beginner or an extreme player, our service will be prompt, discreet and convenient for your needs.

All are welcome here; college fraternities/sororities, birthday & wedding gift givers, and all others looking for the very best in custom printed & laser engraved promotional spanking paddles.

We can serve all your Spanking paddle needs.
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The Spanking Paddle

A spanking paddle is devise or implement that is used to strike a person on the buttocks. This is known as "paddling" or "spanking". A spanking paddle may be for punishment, by a parent or a school. One popular spanking paddle is called a "Frat Paddle". It is used as an initiation or hazing ritual at fraternities, sororities and special clubs or societies. Woodrage paddles are primarily for erotic purposes, but that is not all we sell to.
The spanking paddle has two parts, a handle and a blade. Paddles are designed to be held with one hand usually, but a larger paddle may be held with both hands like a baseball bat. The blade is usually 3 to 4 inches wide, 1/2 - 3/4 inch thick, and 12 to 36 inches long. The spanking paddle is always aimed at the recipient's (spankee's) buttocks. Sometimes the back of the thighs is also a target, but this is rare. A spanking paddle is made of wood, plastic or leather. A paddle used for erotic play and stimulation can be made from wood, metal and leather. A paddle used for school punishments made crudely out of what ever wood was available. Usually pine and with holes known as a Spencer Paddle. A paddle used for a fraternity or sorority initiation. Are often professionally made and engraved with the Fraternities symbols and slogans.
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Thank you so very much for your paddle! We were extremely impressed with the craftsmanship, quality and value. We will never buy another paddle elsewhere. Great Company!!!!
~ M & L